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Who We Are

We are professional consultants passionate about leveraging cultural intelligence to drive better business results in a highly diverse and unpredictable global environment.

What We Do

We offer executive coaching, executive development, cultural orientation for business leaders, multicultural team facilitation, cultural intelligence workshops, and executive-level courses on culturally intelligent leadership.

Cultural Liaison

Adapt proactively

Team Facilitation

Maximize Productivity


Workshops and Courses

Expand Competencies


Executive Development

Develop Growth Plan


Leadership Assessments

Understand Yourself


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Our Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying

Tee Vachiramon


SERTIS Co., Ltd.

“CQ Leadership has been instrumental in helping the leadership team at Sertis grow both professionally and personally. Larry’s deep understanding of Thai and Western culture has enabled our Western staff to integrate and thrive in Thailand. Larry and his team also provide great professional coaching for all the leaders at Sertis and we are grateful to be working with them.”

Stephane Coum


CENTRAL Food Retail Group

“Just after arriving in Thailand to assume my role with Central Food Retail Group, my wife and I participated in Cultural Liaison training with Dr. Larry Persons, a subject matter expert in Thai culture and leadership. We are so glad that we started our new journey in this way! It was a great opportunity for us to better understand the complex differences of culture and civilisation.”