What is Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capability to function effectively across cultures – the overall adaptability to motivate, negotiate, and accomplish results in whatever cultural context you find yourself. It is acquired intelligence.

Become Culturally Intelligent
To become culturally intelligent you must have the DRIVE to learn and change, KNOWLEDGE of how people in other cultures behave, STRATEGIES in mind to use in dealing across cultures. You must also be willing to take ACTION and evaluate what happens when you do so that you can adjust your behaviors in new situations.

Why is CQ Important?

Essential Qualities for High Cultural Intelligence.

Humility: I am not better than you.”

Graciousness: “It’s not wrong, just different.”

Self-awareness: “I must see myself as you see me.”

Sensitivity: “I am receptive and empathic toward you.”

Curiosity: “I notice differences and want to understand.”

Flexibility: “I want to meet you half-way.”

Authenticity: “I want to be as honest as possible.”

Cultural Intelligence and Business Performance?

When people are borderline in their cultural intelligence, it affects the bottom-line. With every cultural misunderstanding, people pull away from each other and the trust level plummets – every time.

TRUST is the key leadership competency of the new global economy. When trust goes DOWN, speed goes down, and costs go up. When trust goes UP, speed goes up and costs go down. Cultural misfires happen all the time and they always damage trust which affects the bottom line. Are you paying attention?