Cross Cultural Workshops and Courses by Thai Leadership Expert

Cultural Intelligence in The Workplace

One-day workshop for individual contributors, managers and leaders that improves cross-cultural proficiency

  • Learn why cultural intelligence is essential in today’s globalized workplace
  • Gain awareness of your own cultural values and individual preferences
  • Improve your ability to communicate in a multicultural environment
  • Implement a personal strategy for being a better multicultural team player

Business Benefits:

  • Develop cross-cultural skills
  • Improve communication
  • Increase collaboration
  • Gain access to tools that will build your cultural intelligence
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Winning Thai Hearts in The Workplace

One-day workshop on deeply held Thai values that impact leader-follower dynamics in business, designed especially for expat managers working closely with Thais

  • Understand “face” values deeply cherished by Thais
  • Recognize patron-client dynamics that inform most leader-follower relationships
  • Acquire the skills of motivating Thais to deliver stronger business results
  • Learn secrets of transformational leadership in the Thai workplace

Business Benefits:

  • Motivate Thai direct reports
  • Improve team productivity
  • Achieve better business results.

Culturally Intelligent Leadership

Short course (six two-hour sessions with certificate) for Thai and expat leaders

  • Discover cultural intelligence and learn how to continue to develop it to lead successfully across cultures
  • Increase cultural sensitivity and acquire essential cross-cultural skills and tools
  • Learn secrets to leading multi-cultural teams to produce stronger results
  • Awaken the skills of global dexterity to empower you to adapt and thrive when you encounter huge cultural gaps

Business Benefits:

  • Lead more wisely and effectively across cultures
  • Increase trust in business relationships, especially where cultural gaps are evident
  • Maximize productivity in global business settings
  • Acquire practical tools to increase your cultural intelligence in future days
Dr. Larry Persons speaking to executives