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Cultural Liaison For Executives

Taking your business to new regions is a key element of growth. In order to succeed, you will need a thorough understanding of the dominant culture you are entering and how it is different from your former business contexts. This is especially true if you will be leading a multicultural team. The concept is called cross-cultural management and it will allow you to lead teams in other places, engage with new vendors and partners, and empower your team to embrace the new region.

Personalized cultural orientation and mentoring for expat senior leaders by a bilingual (English/Thai) subject matter expert with 35 years of experience in Thailand, including:

  • one-day personalizedintensive adjustment course (spouse included)
  • six one-hour follow-up consultations
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Cultural coaching is immensely beneficial to those conducting business in Asia. Ensuring the executives and managers are empowered to do business here sets the tone for their teams. An executive can only be successful if his or her team feels empowered and supported in their work environment.

Business Benefits:

  • Shorten the cultural learning curve
  • Avoid misunderstandings
  • Learn how to build trust
  • Impact productivity
  • Develop relationships and partnerships faster
  • Pass the knowledge on to team members

Cutural Intelligence Consulting

There are many distinct differences between how business is conducted in the west versus the east. But there are also profound differences between worldviews and customs in Asian countries. Understanding these differences and how they affect your cross-cultural management will determine your success and the success of your team. Southeast Asia is a unique place to conduct business and countries in the region have their own unique sets of customs, etiquette, and processes. Increasing your cultural intelligence will enable you to adapt to cultures and successfully conduct business across cultures. It will also allow your team to start understanding key differences and get acclimatized to the culture.

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We offer one-on-one cultural intelligence consulting for local and expat executives facing new cultural paradigms due to business expansions, mergers, acquisitions, and other ventures across cultures.

Business Benefits:

  • Anticipate and navigate challenges related to culture
  • Maximize business results
  • Communicate efficiently with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Navigate cross-cultural team leadership challenges

If your team is struggling to adapt to the new environment and it is affecting their productivity, you will benefit greatly if you provide cross-cultural mentoring for some key managers. When your leaders are effective, the teams they lead can be effective too. Assess your team to see how they’re performing. Engage with them to see where they are struggling and how they can improve their adaptation to customs. Teams that feel supported and empowered are inspired to perform.

Business Benefits:

  • Leverage culturally smart leadership to increase harmony
  • Improve team productivity and results
  • Boost team-building efficacy
  • Encourage participants’ involvement in initiatives
  • Strengthen team dynamics
Close-up image of business partners working with financial documents
Close-up image of business partners working with financial documents

Mentoring For Cross-Cultural Managers

Successful organizations need cross-cultural specialists to ensure all team members understand the customs, etiquette, and zones of appropriate behavior. These managers become the leading figures for team members who are unsure of how to conduct specific business procedures in the culture or are interested in upgrading their knowledge and experience. Teams with access to a CC Manager perform significantly better than teams without access to this type of leadership.

One-on-one mentoring for Thai or expat business leaders facing challenges in managing a multi-cultural team.

  • Needs assessment
  • Development plan
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Facilitate team communication