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Tee Vachiramon


SERTIS Co., Ltd.

“CQ Leadership has been instrumental in helping the leadership team at Sertis grow both professionally and personally. Larry’s deep understanding of Thai and Western culture has enabled our Western staff to integrate and thrive in Thailand. Larry and his team also provide great professional coaching for all the leaders at Sertis and we are grateful to be working with them.”

Stephane Coum


CENTRAL Food Retail Group

“Just after arriving in Thailand to assume my role with Central Food Retail Group, my wife and I participated in Cultural Liaison training with Dr. Larry Persons, a subject matter expert in Thai culture and leadership. We are so glad that we started our new journey in this way! It was a great opportunity for us to better understand the complex differences of culture and civilisation.”

Pichai Uckaradejdumrong

Manager, Learning & Development

People & Culture

Amadeus Asia Limited

“I strongly recommend Dr. Larry’s ‘Cultural Intelligence’ workshops, not only for multicultural organizations, but also for anyone working in environments dominated by Thai cultural values. In his workshops, Dr. Larry amazingly entwines all you need to know to establish a mindset that helps you work successfully in a multicultural environment or anywhere in the world. The training is an incredible eye-opener. The knowledge and tips we acquired set a springboard for everyone to develop effective skills to mingle comfortably with anyone from a different culture.“

Alex Gray

General Manager

Visy Packaging (Thailand) Ltd. – A business unit of SCG

“Having lived and worked in Thailand for over 6 years, it was clear that there were cultural differences that I needed to manage through. But when the business I ran was bought by a Thai company, those differences became even more evident. Managing Thais is one thing but being managed by Thais is something altogether different. With Larry’s help, I was able to gain a better understanding of these cultural differences, and his advice enabled me to navigate well through this transition. Larry has an incredible understanding of the Thai people, culture, and language, and if I hadn’t spent the time with Larry when I did, my job transition would have been extremely difficult.”

John Fuller

Plant Manager, Rayong

Guardian Industries

“In 2018 I moved from the US to Thailand to assume the role of Plant Manager at the Guardian Glass Rayong facility. As part of our relocation agreement, my company provided cultural training for my wife and me, something important to us because this was our first International assignment. I had already read The Way Thais Lead, so I was excited to find out that we would be participating in the Executive Cultural Liaison Program with Dr. Larry Persons. My wife and I found our time with Larry to be extremely valuable as we adjusted to life in Thailand. He was able to offer key cultural insights on living in Thailand and building relationships with Thai people. In the months after the training, Larry also coached me on leadership. He was able to listen to my experiences and help me look at them from a Thai perspective. The sessions allowed me to adjust my leadership style and drive results within the organization. Larry is an integral part of my success in leading a 100% Thai team for the last two years. I highly recommend his services and consider him a subject matter expert on both Thai Culture and Cultural Intelligence.”

Thanawats Supanjanan

First Deputy Vice President

Capital Marketing Academy

“I had the great opportunity to learn from Dr. Larry in his ‘Culturally Intelligent Leadership’ course at Sasin School of Management, which is one of the best courses in the Sasin Executive MBA program. Dr.Larry equips his students with great life skills to cross boundaries of cultural difference confidently. It isn’t easy to help businesspeople recognize sensitive cultural challenges, but that’s what Dr.Larry did for me. Moreover, I got the great pleasure of having Dr.Larry as the honorary speaker at the graduation for the Capital Market Academy – Greater Mekhong Sub-Region Program. All 60 top executives from six countries in the GMS were impressed with Dr. Larry’s good understanding of ASEAN’s mindset and his challenge that cultural intelligence (CQ) is absolutely essential for anyone doing global business today.”

Justin Cairns, PhD

Sertis Co., Ltd

“Larry’s coaching has really helped me to grow as a leader through cultural awareness and self understanding. His coaching style is relaxed and informal and the sessions were led by me, meaning I received bespoke coaching that really focused on my areas of improvement. I highly recommend Larry to anyone in a position of leadership, whether you are new to the job or have years of experience, I’m sure Larry can help you to see things from different perspectives and help you to be a successful leader.”

Jussi Jousimo, PhD

“Larry’s theoretical background in psychology, his knowledge of different cultures, wisdom gained from life experiences, and warm and understanding attitude all give him excellent qualities to be a coach”

Jeff Hnybida, PhD

“Before I started coaching with Larry I had no prior knowledge of what leadership coaching was or what it could unlock, but Larry opened my eyes to aspects of myself and how I interact with others that I wouldn’t have been able to see without his guidance”